Eco-friendly IBC for liquids: UCON IBCz
Unbeatable service life. UCON, the safe choice!

Optimum cleaning geometry, best residual emptying and non-permeation.
The wear-free design allows long-term reusable us Due to the variety
sizes and the possibility of using different types of stainless steel, the IBCz fulfills all your requirements.
Requirements. Our unerring pursuit of quality and perfection guarantees you maximum safety and durability. Your requirements and our pioneering culture allow us to create customized, innovative stainless steel products.

  • Optimized cleaning geometry
  • Complete emptying through deep-drawn,
    low empty space floor with directly flanged
    Outlet valve
  • Full-length fork tunnel for safe and reliable
    Forklift transportation
  • 4 inclined box feet guarantee optimum
    Weight transfer to the frame
  • Eco-friendly
  • Options: insulation, heating, agitators




Paints and coatings



CE Marking

UN Approval